Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mushroom cultivation Through Self Help Groups in North East

To boost up cultivation of mushroom in the district KVK, Serchhip district formed 7 nos of SHGs from farm women, rural youth specially school drop-out and farmers in mushroom production for capacity building and small scale income generation. Spawns are provided to the SHGs. All the technical expertise is provided to the respected beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are very enthusiastic to cultivate mushroom. They generate income from mushroom cultivation. Serchhip district is very pleasant, and climate suits for cultivation of mushroom throughout the year. The easy availability of straw makes the cultivation easier for the beneficiaries and as it is less time consuming the farmers can earn extra money without disturbing their farm activities

Mushroom cultivation is growing very fast in another village, Thenzawl. 30 no of women were given training on mushroom cultivation. KVK obtained mushroom spawn from Horticulture Department. Aizawl and trained this women and distributed to them. Another training was conducted for the same group, and during this training mushroom grower society was formed by these women.

The mushroom grower society is very active and their production are sold at local market. Horticulture Department, Govt. of Mizoram has taken up this society providing them equipment and financial aids.

There is considerable potential for cultivation of oyster mushroom in Serchhip District, if Scientific technology is adopted by the growers. KVK has trained 18 Self Help Groups covering 120 women members for mushroom farming and 70 rural youth (male) in the District. Method demonstration for each SHGs was also conducted on substrate preparation and cube making. Initially they started mushroom cultivation on small scale and sold the produce in the local market.

Presently they are getting good response from the consumers. Considering the profit on mushroom farming, gradually they are increasing the production depending on the market demand. Apart from selling this product in the local market, the group builds up locally low cost mushroom production unit. 

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