Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mushroom Machineries and Infrastructures required in Commercial Cultivation of Mushrooms

Spawn bagging & Inoculation building
Spawn production building
Incubation houses
Fruiting body houses
Small “country-style ” mushroom houses
Multi-purpose building
Pasteurization chambers
Autoclave (pressure steam sterilizer)
Steam Boiler system
Gas burners with gas tank and aid or accessories
Alcohol lamps
Iron racks for mushroom bags
Water retention basin
Electric dryer (optional)
Solar dryer (optional)
Substrate Mixer
Laminar flow inoculation
Press and drill a hole in substrate bag machine
Electrical supplies
Plastic bag sealing machine (optional)
Weighing machine
Kitchenware and equipment
Glucose, gelatin, alcohol, dettol, plastic
Plastic bags
Plastic necks
Cotton plugs
Magnesium sulfate, Calcium sulfate, Calcium carbonate, pumice, Rice bran
Computer set with printer
Tables and chairs
Slide projector with screen
Kitchen utensils

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